Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be a bank that is universal, respected and has high market value; a bank that provides extensive, reliable service everywhere in Turkey and the world at the same quality, and meets the needs of every segment; a bank that sees human resources as its most valuable asset; a bank that continuously makes a difference and creates value in a way that befits its deep-rooted past; a bank that promises more from a bank at every stage and serves as a model for its competitors.

Our Mission

To be a bank that understands customer needs and expectations, thereby offering them the best solutions and value recommendations from the most appropriate channel; a bank that brings to every segment of society a wide range of products and services in the fastest, most effective way through its extensive network of branches and alternative distribution channels; a bank that operates with profitability and productivity at global standards by recognizes its ethical values and social responsibility; a bank that holds customer satisfaction to be more important than anything else.

Our Strategies

Banking for everyone

  • To be a "Morale Bank" that derives satisfaction and happiness from working with its customers,
  • To provide universal service at the same high level of quality everywhere in the world,
  • To manage its agricultural – especially industrial agricultural- financing more effectively,
  • To ensure organic growth in the local and global distribution network.

Effective banking

  • To ensure the optimization of sectoral distribution in the portfolio of the corporate customer,
  • To proactively manage credit quality through more effective credit processes,
  • To ensure effective business and expenditure management.

Global player

  • To obtain a rapid increase in the share of foreign trade transactions sector,
  • To provide global level value to customers,
  • To more effectively integrate with the international financial structure,
  • To be in the markets of North Africa, the Middle East, the Gulf Region and the Far East.