Money Transfer Operations

Incoming / Outgoing transfers

The wide range of branches and correspondent accounts of Ziraat all over the world gives the possibility to order payments in foreign currency vastly and safety.

Cross-border Transfers

For that purpose and for the accurate execution of the financial transfer you can visit the nearest office of Ziraat and present to the bank employee the following information:

Order for transfer/ Sample of Ziraat Bank Sofia Branch/ Name and address of the ordering customer/and the beneficiary IBAN; BIC ( SWIFT ) code of the bank of the beneficiary and the correspondent bank/if there is any. sample form

Documents certifying the reason for the transfer- i.e. Agreements, invoices etc.

Declarations pursuant to the Law on Measures against Money Laundering-art8 para 1,5 and art 4 pa 7 and art 6 para 5 p 3 /sample form

Declaration under art 2 para 1 of the Ordinance and documents presented to the payment service providers when effecting cross-border transfers and payments to a third country sample form

Statistical Form- for transfers over BGN 100 000 or equivalent in other currency Regulation 27 of the BNB art 3 para 1

For foreign exchange operations the customers should fill in an Application form for currency exchange

sample form

Value dates of the payments in foreign currency:

Transfers to Turkey

To holders of accounts at Ziraat Bank- Turkey the payments are executed with a same business day / for all payment instructed till 3 p.m. For the payments instructed after 3 p.m. the beneficiaries account will be credited on the next business day

Transfers in EUR and USD in other countries:

  • Normal value date – 2 working days;
  • Express value date – on the same business / or next business day

The Branch can serve the transfers in EUR by different payments systems- Target, Sepa and through a correspondent account depending on the customer wish. Via Target the payments in EUR can be executed on-line.

PROVISION (Withdrawal of funds from accounts opened in Ziraat Bank Turkey)

In order to make a withdrawal of funds from a Turkish account in Bulgaria, it is necessary to present a valid international passport or other identity documents that are valid in both countries*. If you want to use the preferential fees and conditions for students or retired people, except the above mentioned documents you need to present other documents which prove your statute**

If in the system of Ziraat Turkey you have a scanned signature and it matches the one you have placed in the Request for withdrawal, the operation is done on-line. On-line operations can be made in the following currencies: TRY, EUR, USD

If in the system you do not have a scanned signature, the withdrawal is made off-line by sending your Request for withdrawal for confirmation in the branch of Ziraat Turkey, where your account was opened. In this case, the operation can be made only in EUR and USD

Required documents: International passport. If you have no passport, you must provide valid turkish identity card with TC number on it as well as valid in Bulgaria identity card

* Required documents: International passport or documents valid in Turkey – Identity card, Driving license (with written in it TCKN number) as well as valid in Bulgaria – identity card

** Required documents: for students’ preferences is necessary a document proving their statute (certificate, student’s …, ISIC card etc.)

Interest Rates

implementing Correspondents